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  • "timdifford" shared from Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident by Keith McCloskey
    A known practice – one that was common enough to have its own nickname – was for a potential escapee to identify someone who would make the escape with him (or her) on the basis that the two of them would stand a better chance of succeeding. Once they had escaped and hunger started to become a problem, the person who had initiated the escape would kill his or her companion and eat them. This applied to larger groups of escapees as well, where unfortunate victims would be identified beforehand and set upon when the time was right. The nickname for these victims was ‘Walking Larders’.12
    Note: Blimey
  • "timdifford" shared from Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident by Keith McCloskey
    In conditions of extreme cold, the body attempts to protect itself by moving blood away from the extremities and into the centre of the body (the core of the body) in order to protect the vital organs. This is why hands and feet become noticeably colder first while this is happening. The way that the movement of blood away from the extremities is achieved is by vasoconstriction of the peripheral circulation. Basically, the body is attempting to insulate the inner core by losing less heat. Vasoconstriction is the vascular contraction of the smooth muscles, and this effort of contraction requires...
    Note: Paradoxical Undressing.
  • "timdifford" shared from Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac by Carol Ann Harris
    Lindsey and I were both deathly pale from “studio pallor.” We wore it like a badge of honor as it proved its bearer lived a completely nocturnal life—in the studio, on the road, and at dusk-to-dawn parties. To look healthy and tanned in the late 1970s in the music industry was a sign that an artist’s career was in the shithouse.
    Note: Ha!
  • "timdifford" shared from The Quarry by Iain Banks
    Note: Or pantones?
  • "timdifford" shared from The Quarry by Iain Banks
    listen to another fuckwit climate-change denier claiming that it’s all just part of some natural cycle, or down to sunspots, or watch as our kleptocrat-captured governments find new excuses not to close down tax havens,
    Note: Did we talk about climate change deniers on the 80s?