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  • "timdifford" shared from Armada by Ernest Cline
    “Well, I have thought about this quite a bit, and after careful consideration, I’ve decided that I don’t want to buy anything, sell anything, or process anything.”
  • "timdifford" shared from Armada by Ernest Cline
    He was bobbing his head in time to his favorite TF battle soundtrack song, “Vital Signs” by Rush. Ray claimed that its unique time signature matched up perfectly with the alien Spider Fighter drones’ erratic swarming patterns, making it easier for him to anticipate their movements and rate of attack.
    Note: rush
  • "timdifford" shared from Armada by Ernest Cline
    Now whenever I watched a Star Wars film, I found myself wondering how the Empire had the technology to make long-distance holographic phone calls between planets light-years apart, and yet no one had figured out how to make a remote-controlled TIE Fighter or X-Wing yet.
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  • "timdifford" shared from Armada by Ernest Cline
    The hero of Iron Eagle is an Air Force brat named Doug Masters who learns to pilot an F-16 by cutting class to sneak into the base flight simulator—really just an incredibly expensive videogame. Doug is a natural pilot, but only if he’s rocking out to his favorite tunes. When his dad gets shot down overseas and is taken captive, Doug steals two F-16s and flies over to rescue him, with a little help from Lou Gossett Jr., his Walkman, Twisted Sister, and Queen.
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  • "timdifford" shared from Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
    “REMEMBER WHEN THE INTERNET WAS NEW, AND SOME PEOPLE IN your life just didn’t get it?” Ivy asked. She was preceding Dinah through the seemingly endless maze of docked modules and hamster tubes, headed toward the periphery of Izzy. “People in my world got it pretty fast. You don’t know many miners, do you?” “Not in my world. We had these throwbacks who would do stuff like printing their emails out on paper to read them, or asking you for your goddamn fax number two decades after you had thrown away your fax machine.”
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