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  • Aalto shared from The Peripheral by William Gibson
    “You’re a publicist,” she said. “She’s a celebrity. That’s interspecies.”
  • Aalto shared from Distant Witness by Andy Carvin
    The three of us were off to a “tweetup” – one of those unnecessary social media words that essentially means a face-to-face social gathering organized via Twitter. When some of my Egyptian contacts heard I was planning to visit Cairo, several began plotting a get-together so I could meet as many of them as possible in one setting.
    Note: Unnecessary words? I must disagree. New behaviour calls for new vocabulary :)#tweetup
  • Aalto shared from Distant Witness by Andy Carvin
    With each incoming tweet, the better I could visualize the situation on the ground. Even though I had access to Al Jazeera’s feed, it was showing only a couple of hotspots in a combat zone stretching more than a mile along the Nile. The people tweeting from Tahrir had their own extraordinary perspective – but it was limited to each’s immediate field of view. There was no way for them to report on what was going on everywhere. I imagined myself flying over Tahrir in a helicopter, looking down at the field of battle. It was all coming together in my mind – a situational awareness I probably...
    Note: Intensiivinen Twitterseuranta tuottaa monipuolisen #tilannekuva'n uutistapahtumasta #distantwitness
  • Aalto shared from Distant Witness by Andy Carvin
    As the uprising surged, I had to build the story in two directions: one simply trying to keep up with the latest information, the other going back in time to trace the origins of the protests.
    Note: The Distant Witness, @acarvin pioneered using #Storify as a reporting tool
  • Aalto shared from Distant Witness by Andy Carvin
    For those of us working within mainstream media, the challenge was taking the strengths of traditional journalism and combining them with the real-time, Wild West nature of the social media landscape.
    Note: Sosiaalinen media asettaa journalistille oppimishaasteen. Kuinka some vahvistaa vahvuuksia? #uutiset
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