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  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Thompson and Venables committed their crime as ten-year-olds. They weren’t – and aren’t – hardened adult killers. It’s a mistake to consider them beyond redemption.
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    The little hands of T and V, the little faces and voices, and the damage they did. The boys weren’t innocent. But they weren’t murderous either. Murderous innocence: something in-between.
    Note: Murderous innocence
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Between the ages of eight and fourteen, most of us do something terrible – something serious and adult, but performed in a childish, first-time daze. With luck, it isn’t rape or murder, and no one gets badly hurt. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables weren’t lucky (nor was their victim). They did something horrendous, were caught, put on trial and locked away. But this doesn’t make them evil. Childhood is a separate place. You shouldn’t punish adults for something they did as ten-year-olds. You can’t lock up for life those whose lives have barely begun.
    Note: They were not evil
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    It’s inhuman not to forgive damaged children, and despairing not to try to save them. As if kids who kill come from another planet, and don’t deserve the chance to be human, to atone, to repair. The future won’t forgive us for this – won’t forgive us for our lack of forgiveness. The future will think us childish for how we thought about children.
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    I think of Robert and Jon being driven away – not to a narrow cell, let alone a foetid dungeon, but a lock-up hostel with therapy. Alive, unlike their little victim, what sympathy do they deserve? This much: that they are little, too; that they killed only half-knowing what they were doing; that however wicked they were in those five minutes, it is also wicked to have paraded them, for nearly a month, in an adult court. They’ll spend their youth inside now, as they must, punished, psychoanalysed and protected from mob vengeance. But to call these children evil, or to think that they’ve been...
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