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Crazy cat lady. An ewok far away from Endor.

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    I was not the first to have to conceal such pain; it could be done, and every morning I looked into the mirror and set my face to stillness. I cut the whiskers from my face instead of my own throat and vowed I would do it well.
    Note: Awww Fitz :'(
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    Now is what we have, Fitz, and now is where we act to stay alive.â€
    Note: Chade's wisdom
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    My concern for Bee vied with my concern for Chade. I needed him to help me sort through all the Fool had told me about the Servants. Chade, if anyone, would know how to outfox them. I needed him for every aspect of my return to life at Buckkeep. It was unmanning to realize how much I depended on him. I tried to imagine the court at Buckkeep without him. Or my life without him manipulating all sorts of events from behind the curtains like a very clever puppeteer.
    Note: I hope Chade doesn't die.
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    Temptation surged in me. Tell her I had dreamed of a wolf tearing white rabbits into bloody shreds. Tell her of a man with a battle-axe chopping the heads of squirming white snakes. NO. Wolf-Father was adamant. In a breath of awareness, he added, Do not provoke another predator until your pack is ready to tear it apart. Be small and still, cub.
    Note: Wolf Father: Nighteyes and Fitz protecting Bee Farseer <3
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    Assassins take no pride in fighting fairly. We take pride in winning.
    Note: :') Good ol' Fitz