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  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Does recalling a particular episode mean that it matters? Which recollections count, when for every six that seem significant there are sixty that could as well be chosen, and six hundred, maybe no less significant, that lie just out of reach, and six million which share this status of having happened to one person once and of seeming to matter at the time? What if the important things, those that did most to shape you, you can’t remember at all? The days and years disowned by memory. There are photographs, yes, but the shot taken at 125th of a second misses the other 124 125ths of that second,...
    Note: Memory
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    “Children’s griefs are little, certainly; but so is the child … Pour a puddle into a thimble, or an Atlantic into Etna; both thimble and mountain overflow. Adult fools! would not angels smile at our griefs, were not angels too wise to smile at them?” Too true. Try telling a boy, locked in anguish, his tears don’t matter: they matter to him. Jon Venables has a right to weep. He weeps as if his world is ending. Which it is.
    Note: Jon's tears
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Being grown-up means that I can’t think as a ten-year-old thinks any more than I can fit in a ninety cm vest or crawl under a nursery chair. I see faces, remember details. But I can’t find the texture, the feel of what I thought, the feel of what I felt. As you get older, as you recede from it, childhood becomes strange and unknowable. Once left behind, it’s a country you can’t visit in person, a place of exile, mourned and misremembered by the adults at its gates. This
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    “if a child has just been beaten, should the person who beat him offer him a pretty flower or a red apple, he will forget what was just done to him and run to him with open arms to please him.” How
    Note: Children
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    “I should not have conceived it possible,” he wrote of Liverpool in 1853, “that so many children could have been collected together, without a single trace of beauty, or scarcely of intelligence, in so much as one individual: such mean, coarse, vulgar features and figures, betraying an unmistakeably low origin, and ignorant and brutal parents. They did not appear wicked, but only stupid, animal and soulless. It must require many generations of better life to elicit a soul in them. All America could not show the like.” Maybe
    Note: Liverpool
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    This is the subway where Jon dumped his satchel that morning. It’s the pits, some 1960s dream of what the 1990s would look like, and now it is the 1990s and the future’s come to pass. An
    Note: It's a beautifully written book
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Perhaps there’s still some idea that infants, because smaller than adults, are less than human. That, however hard you drop them, they always bounce back. It must be some persisting Calvinist prejudice, that children are mere lumps of flesh: if they’re to become estimable (meaning adult), they need to be disciplined, beaten, knocked into shape. A
    Note: Loving this book on the murder of James Bulger
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    Those who have lost a child are the only ones not to lose a child. Most children, the survivors, grow up, suffer the changes of age, become adult and disappointing, like ourselves; only the dead kids are immortal, frozen in an ever-smilingness, pretty pages waiting on the imagination.
  • Adriana shared from As If by Blake Morrison
    When children rule adults, Satan smiles.”
  • Adriana shared from Dragon Keeper (The Rain Wild Chronicles, Book 1) by Robin Hobb
    my grandpa used to tell me that everyone’s job was nobody’s job. So
    Note: Rain Wilds wisdom