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    The Liberals set out to arrest that slide with the most negative television ads ever aired on Canadian television. Those who believe that the Conservatives sank to new lows with their ads attacking Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff should refresh their memories via YouTube. While the Conservatives were undoubtedly effective in branding the future Liberal leaders with saturation pre-writ advertising, in terms of the actual content of the ads, the Tories have never come close to the public slandering Harper received in, for example, the Liberal “Truth” ad.
    Note: For those with short memories...
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    If the Harpers are a political team, and they are, part of Laureen’s contribution is to buck her husband up when he’s down. At critical moments in his career, she has shown greater faith in Harper’s ability to overcome obstacles than he has himself. This was one of those moments. Her approach was to tell him to put up or shut up. “If you don’t think you should do it, you should quit now,” she told him.16 Harper pounded the table with his fist. He was in.
    Note: Back when it seemed impossible to him to even become leader of the Canadian Alliance. He had fired all his campaign staff in frustration and they believed in him so much, they held their own meeting and decided they were going to continue anyway for free. He won. Sometimes, when you don't even believe you can do it, it helps to have good people around you that refuse to give up on you, even when you want to give up yourself.
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    But Harper’s move to Alberta threw his faith into disarray, as well as his politics. In high school, he had described himself as a “skeptical agnostic.” In Alberta he became a believing, practising Christian. And he left the United Church – or, to steal from Ronald Reagan, the United Church left him.*
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    Nicholls, who calls himself “a libertarian atheist,” started going on about “those crazy religious guys.” Harper looked at him sternly. “Gerry, make no mistake,” he declared. “I am a Christian.”1
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    Many years later, as prime minister, he dropped in on them unannounced, to talk over old times, and when Frank passed away in 2011, Harper delivered a eulogy at the funeral. He once told his wife, “When I’m old, I hope I’m as kind and considerate as Frank.” “Why don’t you try being like Frank now?” Laureen retorted. They both laughed.6
    Note: Ha ha.....this is a conversation Yvonne and I would have
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