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  • Andreas shared from The New Oxford American Dictionary by Oxford
     just so 1 arranged or done very neatly and carefully: polishing the furniture and making everything just so. 2 BRIT., FORMAL used to express agreement.
    Note: Just so.
  • Andreas shared from a Personal Document
    Second, I noticed that my PipBuck was flashing with a host of alerts. The map-maker was already beginning to do its work on my new and unfamiliar surroundings, and to my surprise had already pulled a label from the ether: Sweet Apple Acres.
    Note: reading fallout: equestria... :)
  • Andreas shared from Idoru by William Gibson
    “Man,” Jude said, “Rozzer’s sittin’ down there makin’ eyes at a big aluminum thermos bottle.”
    Note: :)
  • Andreas shared from Idoru by William Gibson
    She felt like everything, every little detail of Tokyo, was just different enough to create a kind of pressure, something that built up against her eyes, as though they’d grown tired of having to notice all the differences: a little sidewalk tree that was dressed up in a sort of woven basketwork jacket, the neon-avocado color of a payphone, a serious-looking girl with round glasses and a gray sweatshirt that said “Free Vagina.”
    Note: For some reason reading Gibson always makes me want to travel.
  • Andreas shared from a Personal Document
    In his 1941 story “The Library of Babel,” Jorge Luis Borges imagined a collection of information where the entire world’s knowledge is stored but barely a single word is understood. In Bluffdale the NSA is constructing a library on a scale that even Borges might not have contemplated. And to hear the masters of the agency tell it, it’s only a matter of time until every word is illuminated.
    Note: by way of Wired's NSA datacenter article
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