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  • Andreas shared from Diaspora by Greg Egan
    Who is thinking this? Who is seeing these stars, and these citizens? Who is wondering about these thoughts, and these sights? And the reply came back, not just in words, but in the answering hum of the one symbol among the thousands that reached out to claim all the rest. Not to mirror every thought, but to bind them. To hold them together, like skin. Who is thinking this? I am.
    Note: This may be one of the most intriguing first chapters I have ever read in SciFi, if not in general.
  • Andreas shared from The New Oxford American Dictionary by Oxford
     just so 1 arranged or done very neatly and carefully: polishing the furniture and making everything just so. 2 BRIT., FORMAL used to express agreement.
    Note: Just so.
  • Andreas shared from a Personal Document
    Second, I noticed that my PipBuck was flashing with a host of alerts. The map-maker was already beginning to do its work on my new and unfamiliar surroundings, and to my surprise had already pulled a label from the ether: Sweet Apple Acres.
    Note: reading fallout: equestria... :)
  • Andreas shared from Idoru by William Gibson
    “Man,” Jude said, “Rozzer’s sittin’ down there makin’ eyes at a big aluminum thermos bottle.”
    Note: :)
  • Andreas shared from Idoru by William Gibson
    She felt like everything, every little detail of Tokyo, was just different enough to create a kind of pressure, something that built up against her eyes, as though they’d grown tired of having to notice all the differences: a little sidewalk tree that was dressed up in a sort of woven basketwork jacket, the neon-avocado color of a payphone, a serious-looking girl with round glasses and a gray sweatshirt that said “Free Vagina.”
    Note: For some reason reading Gibson always makes me want to travel.
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