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  • Andres shared from Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power by Andrew Nagorski
    “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” Hitler told her. Too much can be read into that statement of the future leader of Germany. Hitler had lived and breathed anti-Semitism long before he became acquainted with Ford’s views. And his admiration of Ford had at least as much to do with his pioneering work as an automaker as with his prejudices. Once in power, Hitler would transform his idea of the Volkswagen—the “people’s car”—into reality, crediting “Mr. Ford’s genius” for demonstrating that the motor car could be an instrument for uniting different classes rather than dividing them.
    Note: Henry Ford, un modelo a seguir del Fuhrer
  • Andres shared from STRANGER DANGER in the Idea Watch section of Harvard Business Review by Harvard Business School Publishing
    Research shows that 73% of commercial aviation incidents occur on a crew’s first day of flying together. And a NASA study found that fatigued but familiar crews make about half as many errors as rested but unfamiliar ones.
    Note: El poder de la familiaridad de los equipos en las empresas se refleja en la productividad.
  • Andres shared from Deciding How to Decide in the Features section of Harvard Business Review by Dan Lovallo by Hugh Courtney
    We all use analogies, implicitly or explicitly, when making decisions. The cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter argues that analogy is the “fuel and fire of thinking.” But it is far too easy to fall prey to our biases and focus on a limited set of self-serving analogies that support our preconceived notions.
    Note: Todos usamos la analogia constantemente
  • Andres shared from You Can’t Be a Wimp in the Features section of Harvard Business Review by Harvard Business School Publishing
    Annual strategic planning is an antiquated idea. You can’t wait for your normal planning cycle to change your strategy. Shifts in the global financial system, marketplace, and geopolitical and digital arenas don’t wait. When an early warning signal appears, get your team on it right away. And you have to seize opportunities as soon as they emerge,
    Note: La planeacion estrategica (anual) resulta que ahora es obsoleta, sera hora de ser un 50% tacticos?
  • Andres shared from Dark Days (Apocalypse Z Book 2) by Manel Loureiro
    A year and a half before, Basilio joined the crew of the Marqués de la Ensenada, an oil tanker in the Spanish navy, anchored in Cartagena, Colombia.
    Note: mencionados :) zombies Colombia