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  • Anil shared from 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created by Charles C. Mann
    Sugar production is awful work that requires many hands. The cane is a tall, tough Asian grass, vaguely reminiscent of its distant cousin bamboo. Plantations burn the crop before harvest to prevent the knifelike leaves from slashing workers. Swinging machetes into the hard, soot-smeared cane under the tropical sun, field hands quickly splattered themselves head to foot with a sticky mixture of dust, ash, and cane juice. The cut stalks were crushed in the mill and the juice boiled down in great copper kettles enveloped in smoke and steam; workers ladled the resultant hot syrup into clay pots, where...
    Note: This excerpt from Charles Mann's 1493 stuck with me because it evoked memories of the sugar cane farm in my dad's village, where I got to watch this process firsthand. As a kid, I hadn't understood this context.
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