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Originally from Rochester, NY, I became a student of Computer Science at WPI - where I met my husband, Andrew Smith.<br /><br />I love to read sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries; combinations of these three are even better (ex. McCafferey's Pern is sci-fi and fantasy, Asimov's robot series is sci-fi and mystery). My taste in music is very broad, but leans towards Christian and humorous music.

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  • Anitra shared from Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp
    Sometimes, the challenge to God’s authority (mediated through you as his agent) is not just failure to obey. Sometimes it is verbal. Perhaps the child says “No” to your request. Perhaps you receive a whining “Why?” Perhaps you receive a look of disgust and disdain. Whatever form it takes, rebellion must be challenged.
    Note: #convicted.
  • Anitra shared from How Huge the Night by Heather Munn, Lydia Munn
    Note: Enjoyable and also convicting. The "hero" of the story is not always who we think it should be.
  • Anitra shared from And Then I Had Kids: Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children by Susan Alexander Yates
    Finally, as we walk through these different times in our lives, God will give us the resources to enjoy them. We are not meant only to endure toddlers but to enjoy them.
    Note: All phases of motherhood are to be enjoyed - and enjoyable!
(Worcester, MA, USA)
Anitra Smith