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    It may seem odd, decades after the civil-rights movement, to note that for a sitting President to say that the Confederacy fought for the institution of slavery—and that doing so was a moral wrong—is a radical statement. Yet it is, and shortly after making it the President fell silent.
    Note: Yup.
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    the South had already been familiar with that kind of recrimination and self-doubt for a hundred years. It not only fought tenaciously for the right to own human beings; it did so unsuccessfully. Neither of these facts can be easily accepted, but only one of them can be easily denied.
  • Anthony shared from Scribe: My Life in Sports by Bob Ryan
    The Bruins’ win in Game 7 was memorable: 1–0, with no penalties, a game that, Tampa Bay coach Guy Boucher said, “felt like overtime the whole game.” You place such a game in that special compartment holding only the most inspiring memories, the ones that reinforce why you are a sports fan in the first place. It really did feel like sixty minutes of overtime, and hockey overtime has a special tension no other sport can match.
    Note: Bob Ryan ....great stuff.
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    How good was Cam Neely? Harry Sinden says: “If we had won a championship, if we had ever won a Stanley Cup, he would have been put on a pedestal. He would have been every bit as big as Orr. His style was so completely identified with what the Boston fan likes. It just clicked.”
  • Anthony shared from Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus by Kathy Escobar
    But that’s the beauty of downward mobility. “Pretty” and “easy” aren’t the goals. Transformation is. And one thing is clear: Down here, there’s a lot of room for transformation.
    Note: the goal is transformation