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  • Anthony shared from Afterparty by Daryl Gregory
    one of the side effects of Clarity. A mentor had told her not to fight it. Better to use the itch and get a hobby. So instead of taking apart old vacuum cleaners like a meth head, she attacked locks.
    Note: As far as I can tell, Jesse Pinkman never showed a mastery over Orecks.
  • Anthony shared from Afterparty by Daryl Gregory
    I just told Torrence that if he didn’t lay off Bobby, I’d tell the doctors about his drawings.” “Drawings?” “Filthy stuff. I tell you, I’ll never think the same way about Lassie again.”
  • Anthony shared from Afterparty by Daryl Gregory
    I wanted to die for my sins, but death was impossible now. I understood that my true self, this consciousness, was not located here, in this body, but woven into the fabric of all things. These lungs could stop breathing, this flesh could fall from my bones, but that had as little to do with me as the erosion of mountain ranges. Which is to say, it had everything to do with me. I was entangled with all existence, stars and minds and particles all aspects of the same thing. As long as the universe existed, I had no choice but to exist with it. There was no escape, because there was nothing to escape...
    Note: Today a young gal on Numinous realized all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration
  • Anthony shared from Afterparty by Daryl Gregory
    My front bumper crushed a woman’s leg and sent another man flying, but nobody was killed. The owner told a reporter that “somebody up there was watching out for them.” God gets the easiest performance reviews.
    Note: Yet has a very low success rate.
  • Anthony shared from Tenth of December: Stories by George Saunders
    Based on my experience of life, which I have not exactly hit out of the park, I tend to agree with that thing about, If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. And would go even further, to: Even if it is broke, leave it alone, you’ll probably make it worse.
    Note: Tattoo idea #47
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