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  • Atle shared from Zazen by Vanessa Veselka
    “So, do they really make probiotic gin?” I asked. “Yes. I always get it. It’s disgusting.”
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  • Atle shared from Zazen by Vanessa Veselka
    But beyond that stillness is an unmappable topography, an endless stream of content.
  • Atle shared from The Peripheral by William Gibson
    You could see stubs of burnt matches down inside that, or the cork-patterned paper on the squashed filter of a legally sold cigarette, older than she was.
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  • Atle shared from Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now by Douglas Rushkoff
    When things begin accelerating wildly out of control, sometimes patience is the only answer. Press pause. We have time for this.
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  • Atle shared from Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It. by Mitch Joel
    Our ability to generate ideas, create, and think about the clients we work with and the industries we serve is increasingly less about where we physically are and much more about the people we are collaborating with and our access to the information or tools we need to create.
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