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  • Awagner109 shared from The Minimalist Runner by Nicholas Pang
    I love this comment from the renowned Danny Dreyer of ChiRunning, "Running does not cause injuries. It's how you run that causes injuries."
  • Awagner109 shared from Trail Ways, Path Wise: A 2,147-Mile Through-Hike Up the Appalachian Trail by John Illig
    There is no single right way to hike the trail. There is no one correct way to experience the woods. No one can judge the worth of your hike. You alone know what you gain from it. No one else will ever know the degree to which you appreciate the trail.
  • Awagner109 shared from The Hiking Companion: Getting the most from the trail experience throughout the seasons: where to go, what to bring, basic navigation, and backpacking by Michael W. Robbins
    Autumn is, for many experienced backpackers, the best time of all. It can be warm during the day and blessedly cool (and maybe without the humidity) at night. If the area has already had a cold night, the insects will have gone to ground. If it's early fall and you're hiking in a deciduous forest, the colors can be overwhelming. Later in the season when the leaves are mostly down, you can see farther through the forest and, from ridge-top trails, enjoy far more expansive views. Birds are migrating and other wildlife may be active.
(West coast of New England)