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I am: agnostic (somewhere between atheist and gnostic), have some mystical/spiritual leanings, Fortean, curious, questioning, open-minded, depressed, idealistic, pessimistic (philosophically and otherwise), cynical, critical, overly judgmental (sometimes to the point of being mean), deep, thoughtful, serious, intellectual (often get stuck in my own head), liberal (as a general attitude), not ideological (highly critical toward ideologues), compassionate (when I'm at my best, but I usually can muster at least empathy), understanding (as my Grandmother said, "Everyone is doing their best for where they're at in life."), a student of human nature (specifically in terms of psychology and culture which also includes philosophy and religion), darkly humorous (sometimes the dark overtakes the humor), weirdly imaginative (with emphasis on the weird), sometimes silly to the point of inanity

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