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  • Brian shared from Why They Fought: The Real Reason for the Civil War (Kindle Single) by David Von Drehle
    No one can say what would have happened if secession had succeeded, but it’s not credible to think that there would have been tranquil coexistence between two stable countries, amicably working out their different ambitions. The tensions and suspicions that proved so resistant to compromise under one government would have continued under two. Slaves would still be running away. The riches of the West would be just as enticing.
    Note: Good argument that the Civil War was inevitable and that the Confederacy was unsustainable.
  • Brian shared from Brave New World Revisited by Aldous Huxley
    Today, thanks to sanitation, modern pharmacology and the social conscience, most of the children born with hereditary defects reach maturity and multiply their kind.
    Note: Huxley's implying that the survival of people with hereditary defects is a bad thing. That's disturbing, but it's where that anti-genetic modification mindset leads, which was one motivation for my writing "The Protest".
  • Brian shared from Last Exit to Brooklyn: A Novel (An Evergreen book) by Hubert Selby Jr.
    Note: Great book with powerful, brutal stories.
  • Brian shared from Fight Club: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk
    What you see at fight club is a generation of men raised by women.
    Note: This sentence really struck me for some reason.
  • Brian shared from The Protest (A Short Story) by Brian Hartman
    John looked at the picture. Emily smiled up at him, clutching Sarah and Josh. Josh was not quite five, with Sarah a year behind. He'd taken that picture of the three of them only days before the gen choice protests, at a picnic. The green of the grass and the pastel blue of Emily's eyes beckoned, unreachable, untouchable. He laid the picture on the gray table, next to the pill. They were safe in New Mexico. He'd been able to pay their way out with the money they'd been saving for college. The movement would live on.
    Note: Excerpt from my short story, "The Protest", available for Kindle!
  • Brian shared from Last Call ( A Short Story) by Brian Hartman
    Dave passed the woman at the bar on the way to his place. She was standing now, next to her chair. He glanced over at her and she looked his way, so he said, “Hey”. She looked at him, and her “Hey” made him stop. It didn't sound quite... Well, it just made him stop. He offered her a handshake. “I'm Dave.”
    Note: Excerpt from "Last Call", also included in "Dave Riggler's Stories".
  • Brian shared from Tuesday (A Short Story) by Brian Hartman
    As he rolled to his desk and started opening the chips, Rose walked in. She hadn't gotten two steps into the office before she announced the news. “A plane just hit the Twin Towers. It was on the radio.” Dave looked up from his booting computer. “It's gotta be a Cessna or something. I read once that a plane hit the Empire State Building during World War II. It's gotta be something like that.” As Rose docked her laptop, she said, “I don't think so. They're saying it was a jet. A big plane.” “But that's not possible. How could that happen? No passenger jet pilot's going to hit the...
    Note: Excerpt from my 9/11-themes short story, also included in "Dave Riggler's Stories"!
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