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  • Brian shared from North To The Night by Alvah Simon
    The best time to take action toward a dream is yesterday; the worst is tomorrow; the best compromise is today.
    Note: This is an amazing quote.
  • Brian shared from We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons by Tim Kreider
    Maybe we have a finite capacity for falling in love that gets depleted with age. Or maybe romantic love is an affliction of adolescence, like acne or a passionate ideological investment in pop songs. It’s mostly a relief to be free of it, like not waking up hung over. At those moments when I’ve felt myself starting to relapse—waiting for someone to call who wasn’t going to, that familiar helplessness clutching my gut—I’ve recoiled like a recovering alcoholic waking from a dream of being blackedout drunk, relieved and thankful that he’s still sober. But sometimes this life starts...
    Note: I didn't know Tim Kreider before my friend @flantz recommended his book. And good lord, it is poignant and beautiful. All short essays, reads quickly, and very moving. Go get it.
  • Brian shared from Salt by Mark Kurlansky
    Today, when people fly into San Francisco, they sometimes gaze out the window and wonder about the pink-and-brown geometric ponds at the end of the bay.
    Note: Whoa! I've wondered that! I didn't realize they were saltworks! Evaporating pools of salt brine? Crazy, I had no idea!
(Seattle, WA USA)
Brian Sharp