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  • C. shared from Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent by Richard Rohr
    Basically, you can translate “the kingdom” as “the Big Picture,” which is how I will use it in this booklet. The kingdom of God, or reign of God, is how things objectively, truly and finally are. Jesus is always inviting us to live in the final and full picture, and not to get lost in momentary dramas, hurts or agendas. In Latin we used to say sub specie aeternitate, that is, to ask ourselves everyday, “In the light of eternity will this really matter?”
    Note: The kingdom of God is like....
  • C. shared from Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent by Richard Rohr
    “Come, Lord Jesus” is a leap into the kind of freedom and surrender that is rightly called the virtue of hope. The theological virtue of hope is the patient and trustful willingness to live without closure, without resolution, and still be content and even happy because our Satisfaction is now at another level, and our Source is beyond ourselves.
    Note: I highly recommend this Advent devotional by Richard Rohr. Love todays's reflection on the meaning of Advent.
  • C. shared from Running with Joy by Ryan Hall
    God created me with a passionate, driven, and focused personality, but it can work against me when I focus more on the gift than on the God who lovingly gave me the gift.
    Note: Ryan Hall, from his running logs, as he prepared for the 2011 Boston Marathon her ran in 2:05.
  • C. shared from Truth in Aquinas (Routledge Radical Orthodoxy) by John Milbank, Catherine Pickstock
    Thus, just as for Aquinas, to correspond in knowing is to be conformed to the infinite unknown, so likewise our knowing of anything at all—however local—is in some measure an advance sight of the beatific vision, and union with the personal interplay of the Trinity.61
    Note: Catherine Pickstock on the coarticulation of reason and faith....
  • C. shared from Hannah's Child: A Theologian's Memoir by Stanley Hauerwas
    theology is a discipline whose subject should always put in doubt the very idea that those who practice it know what they are doing.
    Note: Stanley Hauerwas, from his memoir, Hannah's Child.
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