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  • C. shared from A Season for the Spirit: Readings for the Days of Lent - Seabury Classics by Martin L. Smith
    Within the heart are unfathomable depths. There are reception rooms and bedchambers in it, doors and porches, and many offices and passages. In it is the workshop of righteousness and of wickedness. In it is death; in it is life. . . . The heart is Christ’s palace: there Christ the King comes to take his rest, with the angels and spirits of the saints, and he dwells there, walking within it and placing his Kingdom there. . . . The heart is but a small vessel: and yet dragons and lions are there, and there poisonous creatures and all the treasures of wickedness; rough uneven places are...
  • C. shared from Human Condition, The: Contemplation and Transformation by Thomas Keating
    The spiritual journey is not a career or a success story. It is a series of humiliations of the false self that become more and more profound. These make room inside us for the Holy Spirit to come in and heal. What prevents us from being available to God is gradually evacuated. We keep getting closer and closer to our center. Every now and then God lifts a corner of the veil and enters into our awareness through various channels, as if to say, “Here I am. Where are you? Come and join me.” In
  • C. shared from The Awakened Heart by Gerald G. May
    Consecrated contemplative practice—contemplative prayer—is allowing the source of love to bring us toward the place which is our home.
  • C. shared from Saint John of the Cross (Devotions, Prayers & Living Wisdom) by Mirabai (Ed.) Starr
    The Beloved has always revealed the treasures of his wisdom and his spirit to humanity. But now that the face of malevolence bares itself more and more, so does the Beloved bare his treasures more and more. —St. John of the Cross, in Sayings of Love & Light
  • C. shared from The Kingdom Within: The Inner Meanings of Jesus' Sayings by John A. Sanford
    Evil is separation. Theologically, it is separation from God. Psychologically, it is separation within oneself. The kingdom of god comes to restore unity, to unify us with God and with ourselves. To do this we must drop the mask and consciously confront and accept the “inner enemy.”
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C. DeGroat