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English Literature is my game and recently I was published! I have no patience for writing but I am finding I am prolific and can do it with writing and reviewing each day for my blog!I I am a glutton for the written word.<br /><br />I live in Interior Alaska, in a small cabin with one man and a lot of time on my hands. I blog, I craft, I create pretties any way I can. I cook then I blog about that. At night I game with the man or sometimes do my zen crocheting while the cat chases my balls of yarn.<br /><br />I will try any genre once &amp; for the most part I enjoy it. Am on an Indie Writer kick at the moment. Discovered basically because they offered me a .99 book! After that I delved deep into the world of Indie publishing and have to say that I have well over 400 in my Kindle library. I am glad to see when Print is offered at Amazon for the regular going price, means that someone is doing well. Word of mouth is the way some of these authors support themselves.

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  • Cabin shared from Skin Game (Dresden Files Book 15) by Jim Butcher
    Note: Wow,.yep another teary ending..awesome
  • Cabin shared from Skin Game (Dresden Files Book 15) by Jim Butcher
    “You destroy buildings, fight monsters openly in the streets of the city, work with the police, show up in newspapers, advertise in the phone book, and ride zombie dinosaurs down Michigan Avenue, and think that you work in the shadows? Be reasonable.”
    Note: Best line ever...
  • Cabin shared from Skin Game (Dresden Files Book 15) by Jim Butcher
    Goats. Huh.
    Note: Yes Harry...goats
  • Cabin shared from Embers & Ash (A Cold Fury Novel) by T.M. Goeglein
    thanks to Harry for being such a little badass.
    Note: Yes!! GO Harry!!
  • Cabin shared from Cold Fury (A Cold Fury Novel) by T.M. Goeglein
    Our lives are not the ones our parents lived when they were our ages. Theirs were simpler, slower, and analog.
    Note: This book is Chuck full of awesomeness @TMGoeglein is rocking my world
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