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English Literature is my game and recently I was published! I have no patience for writing but I am finding I am prolific and can do it with writing and reviewing each day for my blog!I I am a glutton for the written word.

I live in Interior Alaska, in a small cabin with one man a cat and a lot of time on my hands. I blog, I craft, I cook then I blog about that. At night I game with the man or sometimes do my zen crocheting while the cat chases my balls of yarn.

I will try any genre once & for the most part I enjoy it. Am on an Indie Writer kick at the moment. Discovered basically because they offered me a .99 book! After that I delved deep into the world of Indie publishing and have to say that I have well over 400 in my Kindle library. I am glad to see when Print is offered at Amazon for the regular going price, means that someone is doing well. Word of mouth is the way some of these authors support themselves.

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  • CabinGoddess shared from Pocket Full of Posies (Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.) by Angela Roquet
    Probably because he made Hitler look like the Easter Bunny.
  • CabinGoddess shared from Lakebridge: Autumn: The Lakebridge Cycle - Book 3 by Natasha Troop
    According to longstanding councilmember Kristine Morton, who, along with her Man Beast, lived out in a cabin just enough inside the border of the town to be a resident, but far enough out of things to be out of things even as she managed to know just about everything about everything, “It would be presumptuous.” She followed that with some good-natured ribbing and a promise to drop something with bacon in it by the station very soon. Jenny had known Kristine all her life and trusted the advice when it came.
    Note: LOOK Ma, @Lakebridgecycle put Geoff & I & #bacon in the book..an our cabin!
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    Note: Gotta love autocorrect. Kory you rock. Love it.
  • CabinGoddess shared from The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn
    lumberjack carved out of pine posing for everyone and no one all at once.
    Note: Poignant statement
  • CabinGoddess shared from Jenny Undead (The Thirteen: Book One) by J.L. Murray
    Note: Wow. Bam!!
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