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Some of you kind enough to check out my writing may not know me personally, so I thought it was probably about time to tell you a bit about myself.<br /><br />To get started, here's a fun fact. I have read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings right through - all 1,200+ pages - in four different languages; English, French, German and Dutch. Normally, I don't like to be pinned down to a favourite book, but if you really, really REALLY pressed me, I'd probably have to answer Tolkien's masterpiece. <br /><br />My handle is Scottish Bookworm in Quebec. Yes, I am Scottish, yes, I am a bookworm and yes, I do live in Quebec. In order to fund my book habit I work in technical support, although I'd much rather be reading with my cat Isis curled up on my knee. <br /><br />As a youngster, I always had my nose stuck in a book. It was hardly surprising then that I studied Modern Languages at the University of Edinburgh where I spent four years dissecting classic French and German literature. For some time after I graduated I refused to read anything deeper than the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. <br /><br />It wasn't until I bought my first Kindle back in early 2010 that I really began to read voraciously again. Now, however, my book budget is a source of, um, friendly discussion shall we say between my husband and myself. I often reread books - indeed, going back to some of my favourites is like catching up with old friends - so I like to have a copy to hand. I used to refuse to be beaten by a book and would finish it to the end. Now I believe life is too short to waste on a poorly written book, or even one that doesn't engage me personally.<br /><br />My preferred genre is fantasy, and I'll read anything by George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, the usual suspects. What I look for in a book is either a strong plot line (a la Weeks), interesting worldbuilding (Sanderson's speciality) or fascinating characters (Tyrion anyone?), and preferably a blend of all three. Of course if there's humour in there too, that's even better. I'm put off by characters with little more depth than a playing card, uneven pacing and quick fix resolutions that have not been well set up. <br /><br />When reviewing books I try to be fair; I appreciate that not everyone will be looking for the same things in a book. I also try to remember that the author has spent many months if not years creating this story and characters and I try to respect that, even if I find it is not appealing to me personally. If I am ever less than respectful in a review please call me up on it.<br /><br />I hope you enjoy my comments on the books I read. I am active on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, so please feel free to look me up there. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Canadian shared from Codex Born (Magic Ex Libris Book 2) by Jim C. Hines
    History was written by the survivors and reshaped by those with power.
    Note: True
  • Canadian shared from Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices Book 1) by Cassandra Clare
    “One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”
    Note: So true
  • Canadian shared from a Personal Document
    “Surely you realize,” said Patience, “that cats are no great respecters of human opinion.”
    Note: Lol. So true
  • Canadian shared from Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two by Kevin Hearne
    Maybe I should try to figure out how to make my eyes flash green so I could freak out the baristas at Starbucks. “No, you foolish mortal,” I’d say as my eyes glowed, “I ordered a nonfat latte.”
    Note: Heh. I'd so love to do this.
  • Canadian shared from Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two by Kevin Hearne
    Brighid smirked at me when I opened the door, and it was like one of those cheesy commercials they play during football games: An obscenely beautiful, sultry woman in next to nothing appears mysteriously;
    Note: It seems that all goddesses are incredibly beautiful
  • Canadian shared from Hexed: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Two by Kevin Hearne
    that breaks is always the cats’ fault.
    Note: Yep
  • Canadian shared from The Audience by Peter Morgan
    How could one avoid the almost audible ticking off in theatregoers’ heads as PMs came on and off the stage? Nothing is enjoyable if there is no sense of surprise – and everyone knows who they all were, even if they can’t quite remember all their names. So I decided to tell it in a non-linear way, leaving out some PMs. Who to drop and why? I wrestled long and hard with this and, as we head into rehearsals, I have made my decisions. But by curtain-up, it might be totally different. Who knows?
    Note: I wondered why The Audience was non linear. Peter Morgan explains.
  • Canadian shared from Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire Book 1) by Mark Lawrence
    Heaven must smell like fresh bread.
  • Canadian shared from The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
    Still, she soon began digging into her sundae again. “Chocolate,” she said, “is the greatest invention of all time.”
    Note: Yup. This.
  • Canadian shared from Smaragdgrün (Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten, Band 3) by Kerstin Gier
    es ist einfach megacool, eine unsterbliche Zeitreisende zur Freundin zu haben, ich glaube, weitaus cooler, als selber eine zu sein.«
    Note: it's mega cool to have an immortal time traveller as a friend, mych better than to be one!