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  • Casper shared from Going Nowhere: A Life in Six Videogames (Kindle Single) by Sam Leith
    we have these infantile escapes: these little worlds made cunningly into which we can retreat with our minds. In these worlds you are out of time. You can keep trying, as many times as you like, until you get it right. You can go back and take a different branch if the path you took has led you somewhere wrong. You aren’t bored. You aren’t scared. You inhabit a world where everything is complete, and nothing happens by accident. To fail or be thwarted is only to enjoy eventual success the more.
  • Casper shared from Going Nowhere: A Life in Six Videogames (Kindle Single) by Sam Leith
    The critic R P Blackmur said that the job of poetry is to ‘add to the available stock of reality’. In a cruder and more direct way, that is what videogames have done too: they have added to our available stock of realities. There is a moment after I log in, when — my fingers settled onto the keys — I watch my avatar come into being in the gaudy no-place of Azeroth. It is a moment of glassy calm, of pleasurable anticipation, of relief. It’s a moment of complete composure. It’s the same feeling I associate with the first drink, the first line of cocaine, with MDMA suddenly blossoming...
  • Casper shared from House of Cards by Michael Dobbs
    It’s a very good idea for a politician to have vision. Yes, the Vision Thing, just the ticket. Really useful, don’t you think? Why, on a clear day most politicians can see as far as—well, I know some who can see almost as far as Battersea.
    Note: one even sees Russia from her house
  • Casper shared from Mountain Lust:The Allure of Mont Blanc by Jon Miller
    I don’t know if Chamonix is calculated to soothe the heart, but it does.  When we arrived, it seemed haunted by friendly spirits, even in the pouring rain. It is closely shut in; ensnaring all of its inhabitants, but a deep relaxation filled us.  On either side, the fir trees overhang and cast strange shadows.  Long dragon-like trains of fog are attracted from the river Arve. The whole area seems replete with mysteries, dreams and illusions.
    Note: overall a good vibe
  • Casper shared from Mountain Lust:The Allure of Mont Blanc by Jon Miller
    this mountain is a living, respirating being whose very existence beckons, tempts, teases and whose charms cannot be shaken.  Its lovers have willingly flung themselves off the jagged cliffs.  Were they of right mind or had the mountain cast a spell upon them?  I am here to find out.  I have since conceived that Mont Blanc and its conspiratorial cousins may not take your life, but it will take something.
    Note: if you're not bleeding you're not having fun
  • Casper shared from You're Not You: A Novel by Michelle Wildgen
    “My family still calls me up to say they’re having healing prayer services for me and do I want to come?” “Have you ever?” I asked. They both shook their heads. “They think of it all in terms of deserving and not deserving,” Kate said slowly, “even though they don’t mean to. But that’s what their logic boils down to. And I just don’t think—” She paused and swallowed carefully. Evan leaned forward slightly, then sat back as she started again. “I don’t think there is a reason for this. I think this”—and she moved her chin and glanced down to indicate her whole body,...
  • Casper shared from Edward Adrift by Craig Lancaster
    Life is so much more than where you work. Find something you want to do, something that belongs to you and nobody can take away, and do that happily for the rest of your life. I know you can.”
    Note: the trick is finding how to get paid for it
  • Casper shared from The Franklin Cover-up by John W. DeCamp
    Tripp’s line, that child victims in Nebraska just invent abuses, and that therefore their complaints need not be seriously investigated, would be heard from one law enforcement agency after another, throughout the Franklin case, down to the perjury conviction of victim-witness Alisha Owen. For Pat Tripp, there was a personal element in this case. He was a “good friend,” according to foster parents cited in a September 1989 report by legislative Franklin committee investigator Karen Ormiston, of two individuals named by Nelly and Kimberly Webb as involved with the Webbs—Fort Calhoun Superintendent...
    Note: Pat Tripp is still a prominent lawyer in Omaha
  • Casper shared from Beethoven's Shadow (Kindle Single) by Jonathan Biss
    (Ferrucio Busoni, the great Italian pianist and composer, referred to music as “sonorous air” — it is ephemeral almost by definition.)
    Note: music is like a ghost
  • Casper shared from Beethoven's Shadow (Kindle Single) by Jonathan Biss
    “Life’s most revealing experience is that as you get near the horizon your vision expands toward infinity.”h) The more (perfect) you know, the more you realize you don’t know.
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