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  • Chris shared from How to Stop Time: Superhuman Time Mastery Miracles that will Skyrocket Productivity and Motivation by Derek Murphy
    “How wonderful to have the money to live in Paris and wander around indefinitely. Sadly most of us must work for food & shelter, and unlimited time procrastinating in Paris is not a choice our scant resources will support. Perhaps
  • Chris shared from The New Why Teams Don't Work: What Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right by Harvey Robbins, Michael Finley
    What we say about this may violate your deeply held principles, but hear us out:There is no such thing as friendly competition.
    Note: on friendly competition
  • Chris shared from fruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology (FruITion Series Book 1) by Chris Potts
    I cut in. “IT departments in general refer to everyone else in the company as ‘the business’. Christine and I know that we are part of ‘the business' really.” “You'd better stop referring to everyone else as the business then.”
    Note: amen. stop referring to everyone as "the business".
  • Chris shared from Year of No Sugar: A Memoir by Eve Schaub
    Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t seem to remember much about how you celebrate things without buying a bunch of unnecessary stuff and without consuming a bunch of unnecessary sugar.
    Note: Popcorn culture
  • Chris shared from Year of No Sugar: A Memoir by Eve Schaub
    Fast food restaurants, chain restaurants were everywhere, but because we were not eating sugar, there was no place we could eat.
    Note: Sugar is everywhere
  • Chris shared from a Personal Document
    Managers with no experience of development think what programmers do is simple, and programmers with no experience of management think the same of what managers do.
    Note: on programmers and managers #code
  • Chris shared from a Personal Document
    The old 24-line limit still applies. Although screen size and resolution have changed, nothing has changed in human cognition since the 1960s.
    Note: 24 lines n the termminal when coding
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