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  • Chris shared from The New Why Teams Don't Work: What Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right by Harvey Robbins, Michael Finley
    What we say about this may violate your deeply held principles, but hear us out:There is no such thing as friendly competition.
    Note: on friendly competition
  • Chris shared from fruITion: Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology (FruITion Series Book 1) by Chris Potts
    I cut in. “IT departments in general refer to everyone else in the company as ‘the business’. Christine and I know that we are part of ‘the business' really.” “You'd better stop referring to everyone else as the business then.”
    Note: amen. stop referring to everyone as "the business".
  • Chris shared from Year of No Sugar: A Memoir by Eve Schaub
    Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t seem to remember much about how you celebrate things without buying a bunch of unnecessary stuff and without consuming a bunch of unnecessary sugar.
    Note: Popcorn culture
  • Chris shared from Year of No Sugar: A Memoir by Eve Schaub
    Fast food restaurants, chain restaurants were everywhere, but because we were not eating sugar, there was no place we could eat.
    Note: Sugar is everywhere
  • Chris shared from a Personal Document
    Managers with no experience of development think what programmers do is simple, and programmers with no experience of management think the same of what managers do.
    Note: on programmers and managers #code
  • Chris shared from a Personal Document
    The old 24-line limit still applies. Although screen size and resolution have changed, nothing has changed in human cognition since the 1960s.
    Note: 24 lines n the termminal when coding
  • Chris shared from The Story of English: How the English language conquered the world by Philip Gooden
    Similarly related pairs are ‘wish’ and ‘want’ (OE wyscan, ON vanta); ‘sick’ and ‘ill’ (OE seoc, ON illr); ‘rear’ and ‘raise’ (OE rœran, ON reisa).
    Note: We have two words: sick and ill. One is derived from Norse and the other from Old English.
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