About Christopher Krycho

I'm a twenty-something with a view for being more than an ordinary twenty-something – walking passionately with God, loving my wife well, serving my local church with energy, doing my job with care and consistency, and spending my days in ways that matter. I work as a software engineer, write about Christianity, and sometimes moonlight as a web developer/designer. On particularly strange days, you might even find me with a composer's hat on, working out something for an orchestra. And when the mood hits, taking a picture or three hundred.

Recent Activity

  • Christopher shared from From the Garden to the City by John Dyer
    God is more interested in our theology of worship than in our technology of worship.
    Note: Theology and technology in worship: John Dyer, From the Garden to the City
  • Christopher shared from Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin
    On all hands there is abundance of ostentatious ceremonies, but sincerity of heart is rare.
    Note: Calvin on sincerity of heart and human ceremony: