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  • Clayton shared from Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government--Saving Privacy in the Digital Age by Steven Levy
    “At one point we had five Datsuns,” recalls Mary Fischer. “Whit would work on them himself; he didn’t trust mechanics. He is not an utterly trusting soul.”
  • Clayton shared from DEPT. OF HISTORY | Lydda, 1948 in the Reporting & Essays section of The New Yorker by Ari Shavit
    Lerski agreed, and called the film “Adama” (“Land”).
  • Clayton shared from The Rum Diary: A Novel by Hunter S. Thompson
    The casino here was more crowded, but the atmosphere was the same as the others—a sort of dull frenzy, like taking a pep pill when what you really want to do is sleep.
  • Clayton shared from Spook Country (Blue Ant) by William Gibson
    “We’re all doing VR, every time we look at a screen. We have been for decades now. We just do it. We didn’t need the goggles, the gloves. It just happened.