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  • Conchie shared from Relative Sanity by Martin Reaves
    Deb was ancient, as thin as a person could get and still be vertical. She had waist-length grayish blonde hair, and skin that looked like a cotton shirt that had been crumpled up damp and forgotten at the bottom of a clothes hamper.
    Note: From Martin Reaves' "Relative Sanity"
  • Conchie shared from Death on Deadline by Diane Majeske
    wasn’t an ode to my personal charm.
    Note: Hilarious quote from Diane Majeske's "Death on Deadline"
  • Conchie shared from By Nightfall: A Novel by Michael Cunningham
    insects are not drawn to candle flames, they are drawn to the light on the far side of the flame, they go into the flame and sizzle to nothingness because they’re so eager to get to the light on the other side.
    Note: From Michael Cunningham's "By Nightfall"
  • Conchie shared from Baptism 3 Stories (So They Say Book 1) by Jack Urquhart
    And three weeks later, when Grandpapa Amos finally took his leave for heaven, it was Preacher Higgenbotham who, speaking from the pulpit, pointed out that never in the history of the First Baptist Church had one man been so surprisingly, so single-handedly responsible for re-consecrating as many souls to Jesus in a single service. “Talk about making a big splash,” Preacher Higgenbotham, standing over the casket, intoned that day.  “I reckon Brother Amos sure enough took that cake,” he said.
    Note: fantastic!
  • Conchie shared from Baptism 3 Stories (So They Say Book 1) by Jack Urquhart
    There was, to Rex’s mind—though he had not arrived at the notion consciously—no distinction between his Mama’s worried and angered moods.  Both states of mind presented the same clues—the same impatience and abruptness, the same sharpness of voice; the same habit of carrying on conversations with an unseen other while never seeming to hear the responses of persons right in front of her.  At such times Inez’s eyes narrowed down to chinks, no more than a sliver of her irises showing, and her head moved in a way that set the mass of bobby-pinned henna-colored curls atop her head quivering...
    Note: Grea character descriptions and coloful language @jackaurquhart
  • Conchie shared from Great House: A Novel by Nicole Krauss
    There are times when the kindness of strangers only makes matters worse because one realizes how badly one is in need of kindness and that the only source is a stranger.
    Note: A great line from "Great House" by Nicole Krauss. Just a few pages left!
  • Conchie shared from Great House: A Novel by Nicole Krauss
    Though his work demanded a certain charm and sociability, he was a withdrawn and private person, surrounded by a kind of moat. The sort of person who creates the illusion of intimacy by drawing you out, asking you about yourself and remembering the names of your children, if you have any, or the kind of drink you like, but who, you realize later, if you realized it at all, managed not to share much about himself.
    Note: From Nicole Krauss's "Great House"
  • Conchie shared from Great House: A Novel by Nicole Krauss
    It is impossible to distrust one’s writing without awakening a deeper distrust in oneself.
    Note: From "Great House" by Nicole Krauss
  • Conchie shared from Great House: A Novel by Nicole Krauss
    I was married for a while, but now I live alone again, though not unhappily. There are moments when a kind of clarity comes over you, and suddenly you can see through walls to another dimension that you’d forgotten or chosen to ignore in order to continue living with the various illusions that make life, particularly life with other people, possible.
    Note: From "Great House", by Nicole Krauss
  • Conchie shared from A Southern Tale of Forgiveness by Brandi Lei Morrison
    “I come to rey-lize dat a person can’t run far ‘nuf away from dey demons. Dey follow you if you don’t turn round and face ‘em.”