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    They are cheap. They are interchangeable. They are huge, powerful forces of nature in unnatural food. And yet, for us, knowing all this can be empowering. You can walk through the grocery store and, while the brightly colored packaging and empty promises are still mesmerizing, you can see the products for what they are. You can also see everything that goes on behind the image they project on the shelf: the formulas, the psychology, and the marketing that compels us to toss them into the cart. They may have salt, sugar, and fat on their side, but we, ultimately, have the power to make choices....
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    ‘Everyone should walk through an Emergency Room at least once in their life. Because it makes you realize what your priorities are. It’s not the rush, rush, rush and the money, money, money; it’s the people you love and the fact that one minute they might be there and one minute they might be gone.’
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    our sanity and our happiness will have more to do with our interpersonal relationships than with what the weather is like, or what job we do, or our hobbies. We run about, earning a living, achieving things and making a decent show of it all (or not), but what affects us most are the people around us:
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    To begin self-observing, ask yourself these questions: What am I feeling now? What am I thinking now? What am I doing at this moment? How am I breathing? These simple questions are important because when we have answered them, we are in a better position to proceed to the next question: What do I want for myself in this new moment?3
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    “Blogging, at base, is writing down what you think when you read others. If you keep at it, others will eventually write down what they think when they read you, and you’ll enter a new realm of blogging, a new realm of human connection.”
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