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    In wider use, the term “architecture” always means “unchanging deep structure.” — Stewart Brand, How Buildings Learn
    Note: A neat, concise, arguably useless (?) definition of architecture #entarch
  • Craig shared from Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It by Richard Watson
    is rigorous, focused, deliberate, considered, independent, original, imaginative, broad, wide, calm, relaxed, attentive, contemplative, and reflective, where
    Note: nice summary of thinking
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    Google swaps computer hard drive for self-drive car
    Note: as the uk ponders putting gps boxes in their cars nevada and now california look at self drive cars
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    Barclays says new mobile app is credit card-style watershed By Katherine Rushton | 400 words BARCLAYS will today launch a new mobile payments service, which it claims could be as significant in changing the way people bank as the advent of the credit card.
    Note: Barclays to roll out mobile payments service similar to those found in emerging territories.
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    BRITAIN’S biggest shopping centre owners are all understood to have installed technology that tracks the movement of customers using their mobile phones. The equipment
    Note: shopping centre manager following shoppers around using mobile phone tracking technology