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My interests include cats, books, music, computers and knitting/crochet/sewing.<br /><br />P.S. My cats' names are Eclipse, Serenity, Faith, Angel, Cosmos and Mystic.

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  • Cynthia shared from Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation by Walter Mosley
    In the same way that I experienced my substance abuses many others of us suffer from another form of dependence: Americanism. This is not a physical drug but rather a system of ideas, and even ideals, that we crave, feel we need to make us whole and healthy. In order to imbibe this drug on a regular basis we have acquired great tolerance to lies, worldwide aggression, a completely integrated system of theft, and a monumental amount of pain and lifelong unhappiness.
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  • Cynthia shared from The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller
    Paul is saying that he has reached a place where his ego draws no more attention to itself than any other part of his body. He has reached the place where he is not thinking about himself anymore. When he does something wrong or something good, he does not connect it to himself any more.
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Cynthia Saoirse