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  • DAWN shared from I Quit!: Stop Pretending Everything Is Fine and Change Your Life by Geri Scazzero
    Next time you are angry, ask yourself: “What was I expecting?”
  • DAWN shared from HOPE Being Gone: Trusting God in the Tough Times by Cherie Hill
    No matter your Cross, it is heavy. And rarely, do we ever choose to carry it. But, know this: If Jesus has asked you to carry it, then He is never nearer to you that the moment you lift it, laying it upon your shoulder with patience and in submission . . . taking each step with unwavering faith for as far as He asks you to go. And it may be much further than you ever thought He’d ask of you.
  • DAWN shared from Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World by Craig Groeschel
    For those of us who follow Jesus, everything we do, no matter where we go, should reflect our love and commitment to him. God is with us just as much when we’re in a dark movie theater laughing at F-bombs from comedic characters as he is when we’re in church singing in the choir.
  • DAWN shared from The One Year Book of Devotions for Couples by Teresa Ferguson, David Ferguson
    In my hands lies the power to praise my husband, lift him up, and treat him with honor and respect.
  • DAWN shared from Slaying Your Giants: How to Have Massive Faith by Adam Houge
    Every idol begins as a distraction. So if you’re being distracted from God by something, then you have an idol.
  • DAWN shared from The Beauty of Broken: My Story and Likely Yours Too by Elisa Morgan
    Most of us have prayed for years that God would change our prodigals. Perhaps we need to pray that God will change us first. Perhaps God wants to work on our bitterness, and give us the grace to forgive. Maybe God wants to ease our pain by having us confront our grief and disappointment. Maybe God wants to deflate our sense of self-righteousness and remind us that He is God, not us. Maybe God wants to replace our hopelessness with joy and thankfulness.
  • DAWN shared from Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst
    I’d much rather tidy my closet than tidy my heart. I’d much rather run to the mall and get a new shirt than run to God and get a new attitude. I’d much rather dig into a brownie than dig into my heart. I’d much rather point the finger at other people’s issues than take a peek at my own. Plus, it’s just a whole lot easier to tidy my closet, run to the store, eat a brownie, and look at other people’s issues. A whole lot easier.
  • DAWN shared from Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture (Exponential Series) by Brandon Hatmaker
    We may say we’re more than just a Sunday service, but 90 percent of our resources and efforts are either committed to the Sunday morning experience or events designed to draw people to our buildings. We may think we serve, but if we took an honest look, we’d find only a small percentage of our people actually serving outside the church.
    Note: Ouch!!!
  • DAWN shared from The Beauty of Broken: My Story and Likely Yours Too by Elisa Morgan
    Eugene Peterson in Living the Message: It is essential to distinguish between hoping and wishing. They are not the same thing. Wishing is something all of us do. It projects what we want or think we need into the future. . . . Hope desires what God is going to do—and we don’t yet know what that is. Wishing grows out of our egos; hope grows out of our faith. . . . Wishing has to do with what I want in things or people or God; hope has to do with what God wants in me and the world of things and people beyond me.
  • DAWN shared from The Beauty of Broken: My Story and Likely Yours Too by Elisa Morgan
    Why do we try to cocoon our children from the lives they live—from the very things that led us to Christ ourselves—from sin? Eventually, isn’t it sin—their sin, all of our sin—that makes us want Jesus?