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  • Damian shared from A World I Never Made by James LePore
    In Brittany, where I was born, the peasants go at nightfall to kneel at the graves of their loved ones, to pour water or milk into the hollows of their tombstones.
    Note: interesting
  • Damian shared from The Death Factory: A Penn Cage Novella (Kindle Single) (Penn Cage Novels) by Greg Iles
    It’s as though certain things you’ve done together never really happened, because they’ve been erased from the other person’s memory.
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  • Damian shared from Aries Fire (Sign of the Times Book 1) by Elaine Edelson
    There were consequences to ignoring the inner spirit voice.
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  • Damian shared from Mercenary by David Gaughran
    A few newspaper articles and a couple of speeches—pretty soon you had ten thousand people marching with pitchforks and torches.
    Note: yep nothing changes
  • Damian shared from Mercenary by David Gaughran
    Note: blocks
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