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I tend to read contemporary literary fiction, contemporary poetry, and nonfiction related to business and civic life.

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  • Daniel shared from In Search of Lost Time, Volume I: Swann's Way (A Modern Library E-Book): 1 by Marcel Proust
    She never spoke except in low tones, because she believed that there was something broken inside her head and floating loose there, which she might displace by talking too loud;
    Note: Oh Proust you ham
  • Daniel shared from All Business Is Local: Why Place Matters More Than Ever in a Global, Virtual World by John A. Quelch, Katherine E. Jocz
    Global is glamorous and strategic, but when marketers focus solely on attaining it, they risk becoming irrelevant.
    Note: currently reading All Business Is Local
  • Daniel shared from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
    He reads histories and mythologies and fairy tales, wondering why it seems that only girls are ever swept away from their mundane lives on farms by knights or princes or wolves. It strikes him as unfair to not have the same fanciful opportunity himself. And he is not in the position to do any rescuing of his own.
    Note: Love it, particularly as a response to "Wild at Heart"
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