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  • Dave shared from EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders (One-Off) by Elizabeth Castro
    It’s no coincidence that InDesign’s mother’s name was PageMaker, whose ability to let designers choose the exact location of text and graphics on a page spawned the entire desktop publishing revolution.
  • Dave shared from Professional Idiot: A Memoir by Stephen Steve-O Glover
    Despite my status as an out-of-work, drug-dealing, cokehead circus clown, by the summer of 1998, I actually had quite a lot of reasons to be optimistic about my career.
  • Dave shared from Half Empty by David Rakoff
    A mandala of cheese slices has been picked over and is curling up at the edges.
  • Dave shared from a Personal Document
    Tamra looked at the fireworks as they reached their peak and she wished that she only knew how to step into that moment, to live inside that zenith of light and possibility forever. She wasn't sure how. She wished she was. But she did feel, even with this tattered friend beside her, even on this TV-paid trip, even with stupid Simon still dimly ringing her finger, that she was getting closer to knowing how. She'd almost figured it out.
    Note: Can't stop gawking at this show . . .
  • Dave shared from Looking Closer 5: Critical Writings on Graphic Design: Bk. 5 by Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Steven Heller
    Despite the bullet’s mysterious past—in typographic histories its origins are either guessed at or omitted completely—and the fact that there is no bullet point button on the computer keyboard (it’s Option 8 on Macs and Alt-0149 on Windows); it has somehow finagled its way into popular usage to the extent that it is now the punctuation mark of our era.