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About The Author:

A writer since 1997, but none of her work was published until 2008.
After her move to the Southeastern part of Croatia life changed dramatically. Learning to speak the foreign language had not only improved life socially, but also mentally.

Writing became a huge part of her life in a country where not much of the English language was spoken, she had to focus on English. her first language.

From one continent to another, Devika had to face up to many challenges, even more now than before. The various topics are of interest to readers and fans. With a new beginning life was more of a roller coaster.
Devika feels most courageous and won't allow any obstacle affect the way of this new journey.
A woman's art of work in writing which turns out to be one of the most incredible experiences from tears of sadness to the tears of joy has taken her a long way. Learning so much in a decade has made her who she is today, a writer with an open mind.

Recent Activity

  • Devika shared from Prisoners Of Hate by Aaron T. Beck M.D.
    Note: Rated a very good book a must read
(Croatia, Dubrovnik, Konavle)
Devika Primic