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  • Dominic shared from Small Gods: (Discworld Novel 13) (Discworld series) by Sir Terry Pratchett
    ‘And we’ll make it home. All of us,’ he said. ‘I know it.’ ‘It’s written, is it?’ said Om, his voice muffled. ‘It is said.
    Note: Might just be my first goosebumps from Discworld.
  • Dominic shared from Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
    Eventually, she burned pewter, using the sensation of solidness it provided to steady her nerves.
    Note: So.. drugs? I wonder whether this will become a theme at all.
  • Dominic shared from Snuff: A Novel of Discworld by Terry Pratchett
    He looked at her defiantly, and she thought: and so one at a time we all become human—human werewolves, human dwarfs, human trolls …the melting pot melts in one direction only, and so we make progress.
    Note: Very much enjoying the new Discworld novel.
  • Dominic shared from a Personal Document
    Why is it so scary to admit that we need reassurance? It’s because our culture propagates a very harmful myth: that we are rational beings
    Note: A mistake I have made more than once.
  • Dominic shared from Feet Of Clay: (Discworld Novel 19) (Discworld series) by Terry Pratchett
    It was as if even the most intelligent person had this little blank spot in their heads where someone had written: ‘Kings. What a good idea.’ Whoever had created humanity had left in a major design flaw. It was its tendency to bend at the knees.
    Note: Terry Pratchett on leadership.