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  • Dominik shared from The Heretic: 1536 Who will survive the new world order? by Henry Vyner-Brooke
    It is human nature to hate a person whom you have injured
  • Dominik shared from Gently Down the Stream (Inspector George Gently Series) by Alan Hunter
    ‘Cancer, my arse!’ observed Hansom crudely. ‘Why pick on tobacco out of all the other things?’ Gently blew a comfortable ring. ‘We’ve been smoking the stuff several centuries now …’ ‘I can show you a dozen old boys over ninety – smoked and chewed it since they were in the cradle. If you ask me it’s the cinema that’s the killer.’ ‘Or the internal combustion-engine …’ ‘Leastways, I shan’t quit before my old man does …!’
    Note: How times change...what was once serious is now irony...
  • Dominik shared from The Struggle for the American Curriculum, 1893-1958 by Herbert M. Kliebard
    public school systems are the result of contests between conflicting class and interest groups.
    Note: Evolution of public schools #edpolicy
  • Dominik shared from Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell
    Linearity is a reductionist’s dream, and nonlinearity can sometimes be a reductionist’s nightmare. Understanding the distinction between linearity and nonlinearity is very important and worthwhile.
    Note: Reductionist dreams and nightmares are too common in #edpolicy and #edresearch
  • Dominik shared from a Personal Document
    one is free to describe statistical inference as a theory of inductive logic, but these would be inductions which are deductively guaranteed by the probabilistic assumptions of stochastic models.
    Note: Illusion of statistical induction...