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I am a computer consultant with training in physics. While avid reader (SF, mystery, poetic realism, popular science, history, computer science), I am quite lazy, as evidenced by very few reviews I have written.<br /><br />My favourite authors include Iain Banks, Greg Egan, Ursula K.LeGuin, Connie Willis, Karen Joy Fowler, Douglas Adams, Larry Niven, Thomas Disch, Kurt Vonnegut, Stanislaw Lem, P.D.James, Minette Walters, Gabriel Garcia Marques, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Hermann Hesse, Umberto Eco, couple of Croatian authors you never heard of, several indie authors you *will* be hearing about (e.g. Karen McQuestion, Marion Stein, Frank Mundo), Richard Feynman, Douglas Hofstadter, Oliver Sacks, James Gleick, Edsger Dijkstra etc.

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    Exhalation It has long been said that air (which others call argon) is the source of life. This is not in fact the case, and I engrave these words to describe how I came to understand the true source of life and, as a corollary, the means by which life will one day end.
    Note: Opet tesr, ovaj put ne iz Amazona.
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