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  • E. shared from Bound by Honor (Men of Honor Book 1) by SE Jakes
    The only things stopping him were Damon’s fingers, firm on the base of his cock, not allowing the orgasm. Damon chuckled softly, his breath hot on the back of Tanner’s neck. “Good boy. Now, I’m going to show you your place.”
    Note: hottest line i've read in a long time.
  • E. shared from The Bond That Ties Us (Eternal Bonds, Book One) by Christine d'Abo
    right wrist. Kamran panicked. Without a word, she turned her head and kissed him. The kiss was gentle, probing. Her tongue flicked in his mouth, exploring, distracting. A loud clicking noise signaled
    Note: totally ridiculous that they're having sex, but damn that was hot!
  • E. shared from The Possession by Jaid Black
    “Don’t fall for it, Cindy-Lou,” she muttered to the screen as the reformed Grinch served up the Christmas feast to the Whos. “The damn man will wine you and dine you with who-pudding and rare who-roast-beast, and then he’ll leave you, cleaving your heart in two.”
    Note: Favorite line!
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