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  • Erik shared from The Four Fingers of Death: A Novel by Rick Moody
    Changing the world was more difficult even than assembling, for example, one of those inexpensive home media cabinets with the dowels and special little screwdriver thingies.
    Note: What a wonderful perspective on changing the world, courtesy Rick Moody:
  • Erik shared from The Four Fingers of Death: A Novel by Rick Moody
    One thing the late twentieth century was good at, besides its mass-marketing: paring away. Omitting needless words. Alluding. Without overstating. Dust bunny under radiator. Cockroach on window blind. Scotch bottles. Heartbreak in the food court. Impotence. Subdivisions. Melanoma. Muffler problems. Upon the advent of the digital age, as you know, writers who went on and on and on just didn’t last. You couldn’t read all that nonsense on a screen. Fragmentation became the one true way. Fragmentation offered a point-and-click interface. Additionally, this strategic reduction blurred the line...
    Note: Rick Moody sums up modern fiction beautifully
  • Erik shared from Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms: The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind by Richard Fortey
    Science tries to reconstruct this former world map: it is like cutting a jigsaw puzzle into a set of new pieces, and then attempting to refit them into another picture altogether.
    Note: Man, velvet worms are cool.