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  • Ezra shared from a Personal Document
    The Americans are evidently disposed to look upon their future condition with alarm. They perceive that in most of the nations of the world the exercise of the rights of sovereignty tends to fall under the control of a few individuals, and they are dismayed by the idea that such will also be the case in their own country. Even the statesmen feel, or affect to feel, these fears; for, in America, centralization is by no means popular, and there is no surer means of courting the majority than by inveighing against the encroachments of the central power.
    Note: From the eighteenth century and still true.
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    The last cause which frequently renders a democratic government dearer than any other is, that a democracy does not always succeed in moderating its expenditure, because it does not understand the art of being economical. As the designs which it entertains are frequently changed, and the agents of those designs are still more frequently removed, its undertakings are often ill conducted or left unfinished: in the former case the State spends sums out of all proportion to the end which it proposes to accomplish; in the second, the expense itself is unprofitable.
    Note: Interesting thought.
  • Ezra shared from Dracula by Bram Stoker
    What I think of on this point is, when self is the fixed point the centripetal force is balanced with the centrifugal.
    Note: Precariously attempting to stay balanced.
  • Ezra shared from Post-Human Trilogy (Books 1-3) by David Simpson
    Instantly, the experiences and memories of the twenty-two hours previous to the reversal of the solar system were jacked into everyone present.
    Note: Jacked is a science fiction technical term for a cable mounted into a body. The back of the skull is the usual location. So a little annoyed this wireless upload is called jacked.
  • Ezra shared from Post-Human Trilogy (Books 1-3) by David Simpson
    “But if knowledge is power and power corrupts, then what if absolute knowledge corrupts absolutely?” “The flaw is in the second premise, James. Although power can, indeed, corrupt, those that it does corrupt are corrupted precisely because of their lack of wisdom, knowledge, and imagination.”
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