About Faith

My name is Fay and i am from Phila. Pa. My daugher, Rocky, my grandsons, Malik and Mehkai live with me. I take care of my Grandsons and work part-time from home. I enjoy walking, reading, playing games on my computer, on our wii console, and on my dsi, I also like going to the movies or watching a movie at home, I like board games and music, R & B, oldies, rap, gospel, blues and some jazz.

Recent Activity

  • Faith shared from Duma Key: A Novel by Stephen King
    Note: subaqueous
  • Faith shared from Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
    had been shunted aside. My first thought was that she had pushed it away before trying to climb out. Because she was still alive. She was breathing. Or so it seemed to me at first. Then, just as
    Note: ratiocinative