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  • Felipe shared from Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny For Fun & Profit by Jarrod Dennis, Max Wright
    Note: very good
  • Felipe shared from Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) by Aaron Hillegass
    If you aren’t seeing all the GDB information, it means that LLDB is now Xcode’s standard debugger. The future must be a terrific place; I envy you.)
    Note: envy me!
  • Felipe shared from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    “Point Six. Every person of any age, sex, class or income, shall henceforth spend the same amount of money on the purchase of goods per year as he or she spent during the Basic Year, no more and no less. Over or under purchasing shall be fined, such fines to be determined by the Unification Board.
    Note: I love this part of the book. what a confusing dialog, bizarre laws, not so far from reality.
  • Felipe shared from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    “Who cares
  • Felipe shared from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    Rearden smiled. “Not this time. This time, I’m dealing with a man I can trust.” “Really? Who is it?” “You.” Francisco sat up straight. “What?” he asked, his voice so low that he almost succeeded in hiding the sound of a gasp. Rearden was smiling. “You didn’t know that I’m one of your customers now?
  • Felipe shared from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    “If one single businessman had had the courage, then, to say that he worked for nothing but his own profit—and to say it proudly—he would have saved the world.”
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    Lionel Messi em dia de Lionel Messi. O que se poderia esperar do argentino no Camp Nou? Gols. Muitos gols. Assim foi a atuação do astro na vitória do Barcelona por 7 a 1 sobre o Bayer Leverkusen, na tarde desta terça-feira, em partida válida pelas oitavas de final da Liga dos Campeões. O camisa 10 marcou cinco gols no massacre catalão, dois deles em belíssimas cavadinhas.
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    The term “minimal marketable feature” was first used in the book Software by Numbers. This book placed emphasis on the smallest portion of work that could be release into production and have value to its resulting customers or users. To be marketable the feature needs to be large enough to be useful — probably larger than the teeny stories that take a couple days to build and seem to be best practice in Agile development today. A MMF may take weeks to build. But the important thing isn’t how long it takes to build, but that it be understandable and valuable to those who’ll receive it....
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