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    ‘An Italian Vicar of Bray, Napolitano had over a long career exhibited one fixed principle, adhesion to whatever world-political trend appeared to be a winner at the time … Once president, he went out of his way to ingratiate himself with Bush and Obama alike.’ Perry Anderson,
    Note: yep!
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    London has long been stuck in the dog-like coital lock sometimes described as a ‘special relationship’.
    Note: hahaha
  • Hans shared from Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen
    Note: whom today's economy is based on.
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    univeige, a cosmic latte shade—the
    Note: amaster of words?
  • Hans shared from The New Old World by Perry Anderson
    the general condition of intellectual life is suggested by the bizarre prominence of Bernard-Henri Lévy, far the best known ‘thinker’ under sixty in the country. It would be difficult to imagine a more extraordinary reversal of national standards of taste and intelligence than the attention accorded this crass booby in France’s public sphere, despite innumerable demonstrations of his inability to get a fact or an idea straight. Could such a grotesque flourish in any other major Western culture today?
(Milano, MI Italy)
Hans R. Suter