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  • Harold shared from The Holy Bible: HCSB Digital Text Edition by Holman Bible Publishers
    4 So he went out and caught 300 foxes.  He took torches, turned the foxes tail-to-tail, and put a torch between each pair of tails. 5 Then he ignited the torches and released the foxes into the standing grain of the Philistines. He burned up the piles of grain and the standing grain as well as the vineyards and olive groves.  6 Then the Philistines asked, “Who did this? ” They were told, “It was Samson, the Timnite’s son-in-law, because he has taken Samson’s wife and given her to another man.” So the Philistines went to her and her father and burned them to death.
    Note: Animal abuse from the Bible.
  • Harold shared from The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor
    Should other cats, dogs or humans in the household snicker and offer snide comments regarding your appearance, let them know that in the kingdom of animals, size is power, and you have become the most powerful cat in the world. Place your full weight firmly atop any who would dispute this.
  • Harold shared from Soldier of Rome: The Sacrovir Revolt (The Artorian Chronicles - Part Two) by James Mace
    “This was not a popular uprising, so we must use care when it comes to torturing suspects for information.”
  • Harold shared from Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End by Manel Loureiro
    I’d just learned an important lesson. The undead weren’t the only things that could kill me. Accidents, disease, hunger—all the normal causes of death—were just lurking in the shadows, waiting for their chance. If I weren’t careful, they’d catch me. I’d only been thinking about my stalkers. I’d forgotten something very basic: man is a fragile being.
  • Harold shared from 30 Pieces of Silver: An Extremely Controversial Historical Thriller (Book 1 in the Betrayed Series) by Carolyn McCray
    After months living with his dear friend, Judas had begun to suspect that at times Jesus used his parables not so much to instruct but to avoid conflict. How could you argue if you weren’t sure of the Savior’s meaning?
    Note: Current read
  • Harold shared from 30 Pieces of Silver: An Extremely Controversial Historical Thriller (Book 1 in the Betrayed Series) by Carolyn McCray
    God did not need man, but man was in desperate need of God. Doubt must be eradicated as swiftly as this tribe had been.
    Note: I have sneaky suspicion thiis book will have Christian message.
  • Harold shared from First Time Dead 1 by Chantal Boudreau, David Minyard
    In the same way, he also knows that if that thing reaches him, he’s going to be in real trouble. The dead don’t come back to have tea parties and talk about your day.
    Note: Another Zombie novel. I cant explain why I'm hooked on em. Fun and predictable.
  • Harold shared from Zomblog: The Final Entry by TW Brown
    Sam—the dog to be clear—is exceptional at sniffing out creepers. Creepers are what we call the ones missing lower extremities. They like to hide in tall grass and under cars.
    Note: Ceeping ZOMBIES
  • Harold shared from Zomblog by TW Brown
    In my lifetime, I think that the world has only been mostly in harmony one time. It lasted about two days. September 11th and 12th. was gone. We all went back to hating, killing, and being petty. I think there was potential for greatness to come from that horrible tragedy.
  • Harold shared from Zombie Bible: Death Has Come Up into Our Windows (Kindle Single) by Stant Litore
    “The world will always be inhabited by the eaters and the eaten. It is how things are.”
    Note: Old Testiment Zombies.