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  • Harry shared from Atlas Shrugged: (Centennial Edition) by Ayn Rand
    “I’ll tell you . . . I’ll tell you something . . . unhappiness is the hallmark of virtue. If a man is unhappy, really, truly unhappy, it means that he is a superior sort of person.”
    Note: haha
  • Harry shared from a Personal Document
    The company already has about 15,000 employees in Seattle, mostly highly paid engineers, managers and programmers, out of a global work force of about 97,000, according to people familiar with its head count who were not authorized to discuss a figure that the company does not share publicly. The new towers have a capacity for 12,000, giving the company room for nearly 30,000 workers in Seattle, which has a population of 635,000.
    Note: the Seattle company.
  • Harry shared from a Personal Document
    Mr Xi and his colleagues wished to choreograph the proceedings—which at the time of going to press were expected to last just a day or two—with great precision.
    Note: 从chairman mao,到president hu,再到mr xi,喜感。
  • Harry shared from a Personal Document
    Dissidents in China say that freedom is knowing how big your cage is.
  • Harry shared from Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler
    I, the singer of painful and joyous songs, the uniter of this life and the next, Receiving all silent signs, using them all, but then leaping across them at full speed, Sing of the past.
    Note: 好书 oracle bone 读完。
(Beijing, China)