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  • J. shared from a Personal Document
    By ‘idealism’ we mean that the external world is simply an ‘idea’ that exists within the mind. This is not to say that there is not an external world out there but simply that we can never perceive that world directly. It is presented to us as an internally generated mental construct.
    Note: Anthony Peake
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    You see, man is evolving towards a creature who will be complete and self-sufficient. He will be so deeply absorbed in his inner worlds - those regions of pure bliss which we glimpse through music and art - that he will be capable of carrying on further and developing. This seems to me to be the most interesting thing about human beings, those moments of white heat when something like the fusion process takes place in us, and suddenly, instead of being mere social beings who see ourselves as nonentities unless reflected in the faces of others, we take on this inner incandescence.
    Note: wilson
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    "The greatest good," said Spinoza "is the knowledge of the union which the mind has with the whole nature."
    Note: Lanza
  • J. shared from Science of the Sages: Scientists Encountering Nonduality from Quantum Physics to Cosmology to Consciousness by Robert Wolfe
    Freeman Dyson: “Life may have succeeded—against all odds—in molding the universe to its purposes.”
    Note: Wolfe
  • J. shared from Dreamed Up Reality: Diving into the Mind to Uncover the Astonishing Hidden Tale of Nature by Bernardo Kastrup
    While physicists have looked for, and found, abstract patterns in their mathematical descriptions of the behavior of matter and energy – matter and energy being assumed objective realities – what we are entertaining here is the possibility that matter and energy are themselves but patterns of thought. In other words, the idea being considered is that objectivity – or realism – is a fallacy; that the whole of reality is fundamentally subjective: a projection of patterns of pure abstract thought onto a canvas of space-time that itself exists but in a transpersonal form of mind. What we are...
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