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    thrown in jail in Genoa, imprisoned in Savona, sentenced to death in absentia, and arrested in
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    have a way of becoming invisible. I sit in my hammock chair in my room at home and take out my hearing aid, start a gentle rock and slowly close my eyes. I begin to melt until I am no one. I don’t exist. No one can see me. It’s easier that way. When I’m invisible I don’t have to think about my dad and all of that stuff. When I’m invisible I don’t have to feel anything. The pain and grief
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    A growing body of scholarship suggests potential benefits from these forms of participatory culture, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, a changed attitude toward intellectual property, the diversification of cultural expression, the development of skills valued in the modern workplace, and a more empowered conception of citizenship.
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    Tears fell down her cheeks. She turned and ran out of the room.
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