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    Remember, users have come to expect an outstanding level of customer experience based on their interactions with leading digital companies. You are not just up against your competitors, you are competing with the user experience of every digital player out there.
    Note: Good quote about your competition when it comes to digital properties.
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    In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve. Eve said to Adam, “You’ve got to try this apple,” and the first marketing interaction in the history of the world had taken place.
    Note: An Adam and Eve marketing reference.
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    computers are smarter at math than you are, and they know it, so don’t do them any favors.
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    I realized that we must trade the control we thought we had in Photoshop for a new kind of control—using flexible grids, fluid images and media queries to build not a page, but a network of content that can be rearranged at any screen size to best convey the message.
    Note: Responsive design acceptance is realizing you don't have full design control to begin with.
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