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  • James shared from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
    “Don’t explain. It’s no use explaining abstract ideals to me. I’ve never had any ideals. People say I’m completely immoral. I go only by what I like. But I do know what I like.”
    Note: Roger Enright, The Fountainhead.
  • James shared from The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
    Let me tell you, Kittredge, it’s very important to know about wines, for instance when you’ll take a client out to dinner and will want to be sure of the proper thing to order. Now I’ll tell you a professional secret. Take quail, for instance. Now most people would order Burgundy with it. What do you do? You call for Clos Vougeot 1904. See? Adds that certain touch. Correct, but original. One must always be original....
    Note: WIne in literature. #fountainhead
  • James shared from Switch Bitch by Roald Dahl
    Maddening it was not to know the true answer. It tantalized me. It also humbled me, for, after all, a connoisseur, a supreme connoisseur, should always be able to guess the vintage without seeing the label on the bottle. But this one really had me beat.
    Note: Roald Dahl... #wineinliterature
  • James shared from The Art of Fielding: A Novel by Chad Harbach
    And Owen leaned out over the darkened quad, elbows against the sill, and commenced to smoke his joint. Seeing him there made Affenlight terribly sad. Not only because Owen hadn’t come but because he looked so satisfied and self-contained as he leaned and smoked and thought his thoughts, as needless of help or company as some gentle animal feeding in the wild. It made Affenlight feel not only superfluous but also, by comparison with such wholeness and serenity, hopelessly agitated in his soul. He needed Owen, but Owen—being himself whole, or never farther than one well-rolled joint from whole—would...
    Note: Thanks to travel, I'm back to reading. And back to digging this book.
  • James shared from The Art of Fielding: A Novel by Chad Harbach
    All his life Schwartz had yearned to possess some single transcendent talent, some unique brilliance that the world would consent to call genius. Now that he’d seen that kind of talent up close, he couldn’t let it walk away.
    Note: Ok, I've heard the hype. Now it's time to check out this book fist hand.
  • James shared from Train Dreams: A Novella by Denis Johnson
    The wolves and coyotes howled without letup all night, sounding in the hundreds, more than Grainier had ever heard, and maybe other creatures too, owls, eagles—what, exactly, he couldn’t guess—surely every single animal with a voice along the peaks and ridges looking down on the Moyea River, as if nothing could ease any of God’s beasts. Grainier didn’t dare to sleep, feeling it all to be some sort of vast pronouncement, maybe the alarms of the end of the world.
    Note: If there is such a thing as a small epic, this book is it. A gently flowing, but always stirring tale of an orphan who grows up to be a widower in 19th century Idaho., from an author better known for his crime novels.
  • James shared from How to Be Good by Nick Hornby
    It’s true that I don’t want David to be David any more. I want things to be structurally the same – I want him to have fathered my children, I want him to have been married to me for twenty years, I don’t even mind the weight and the bad back. I just don’t want that voice, that tone, that permanent scowl. I want him to like me, in fact. Is that really too much to ask of a husband?
    Note: Loving this book. Love the dense paragraphs of tangential inner thoughts. It's written like I think,with parenthetical that never bog down. Glad it was recommended to me.
  • James shared from Music for Torching by A. M. Homes
    “Some things are nearby,” he says. “Iona, Sarah Lawrence, and if you’re willing to travel, to go into the city, the whole world opens. You could become a polygraph expert in six weeks, you could learn dog grooming in ten.” “I just want to feel better.”
    Note: Enjoying 'Music For Torching', recommended to me by a former friend. An updated, raunchier version of Revolutionary Road and a quick read.
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