About Jennifer Harrell

I am a simple, southern girl, who just moved out west- I must admit I am way out of my element.
I am more proud of my southern roots than I ever imagined possible.

My family is my heart; my friends are my soul.

I am completely content with who I am as a person; I adore the person I have become. However, I never expect anyone else to think highly of me, in the slightest.

I am kind and thankful, thoughtful and honest.
I feel old, even though I'm only 23.

I am a workaholic. I even consider working a hobby of mine.
I have three jobs.

I live to help others, even though I absolutely DO NOT advocate boasting about good deeds and service. The desire to serve should come from the heart; if you need to tell the world of your deeds, then you only did them for yourself.

I am a teacher and a learner.
I thirst for knowledge and the opportunity to share it with others.

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